“Non-duality means the realization of true nature. The true nature of self, life and reality consists in one and the same essence: the timeless, benevolent, omnipresent essence forming all that is. We can call it Consciousness, Awareness, Presence, Emptiness, Silence, Being, etc. Yet, it remains fundamentally beyond words and concepts.
This essence is our true identity.  It is always present, manifesting as this moment, whether we are aware of it or not. It is the ground of reality in which appears all that is perceived.  It is what we really are and that we share with all that exists: a flower, the sun, but also a chair and a radiator.  Realizing the essence of who we are therefore does not make us special. On the contrary, it dissipates the impression of being a special or separated individual within the universe.
This Consciousness, Silence or fundamental Presence of reality is too obvious and simple to be conceived by thoughts or expressed in words.  This is why it does not correspond to any description, including this one. It can only be discovered in the now.
It is definitively realized when we cease to identify with the separated me and we no longer believe in concepts superimposed onto life and self.  It then becomes a natural state of being which embraces all facets of human life, even the difficult ones.  Our individualized consciousness can then blossom, based on its deepest authentic ground.
Eventually, our true nature reveals its most beautiful gift: the infinite softness and indescribable brilliance of Unconditional Love at the innermost core of the cosmos. “

Our approach to true nature invites to discover the possibility of living with an undefended heart, open to Love, in a kind and sensitive way that honors the soul in everyone.