Michaël Szyper is an author, coach and non-dual teacher. For more than twenty years, Michaël has been sharing the possibility to realize true nature and to live this profound liberation of consciousness in daily life. In 2016, with his partner Della, he co-founded the School of Reality in Belgium and Quebec, which offers an original and integrative approach to our infinite nature.

Michaël was trained as a lawyer and therapist. Following a spontaneous opening to emptiness in his childhood, he became interested early on in the exploration of human consciousness and travelled throughout India to sit with awakened beings. At the end of his twenties, an Indian sage invited him to share from his heart the non-dual nature of existence. Since then, Michaël had the chance to merge into Unconditional Love during a near death experience, which he shared in his last book Lumière Amour soon to be translated in English.

More information on the first part of Michaël’s journey towards non-dual consciousness is available in French in the free ebook Témoignages et questions sur l’Éveil d’enseignants francophones de la non-dualité containing testimonies from contemporaries French speaking teachers of non-duality.