Infinite Consciousness

In this book, we will delve together into the shift in consciousness constitutive of enlightenment in relation to the main components of humanness: true nature, the soul, the body-mind, the heart and the me.
We will examine what enlightenment stands for and I will propose an integral overview resolving many of the apparent contradictions that are often found in spiritual teachings, notably regarding the sudden vs. gradual occurrence of enlightenment, the usefulness of gradual and direct paths, the necessity of spiritual practices, free will, the existence of the soul and the role of the me.
We will explore why, although enlightenment gives rise to a radical and permanent liberation from the mind allowing us to break free from separation, it remains subject to an ongoing integration. Correlatively, we will also look at what it takes to live the limitless consciousness that we already are in an integrated, authentic, heart-centered and sensitive way.
As we will discover, enlightenment is not an end in itself; it is rather a new beginning in the limitless blossoming of consciousness in form, propelled by its cosmic impulse to manifest its infinite potential as us. Heaven can be on earth. It will arise from the realization not only by certain individuals but by humankind as a whole that we all are singular expressions of the same infinite consciousness.
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